The difference is worth the distance

Dear Friends and Family -

We wanted to try something a little different this month and send you a video update. Just click on the video below, or click on this link. We hope you enjoy it !

In the event you're unable to watch the video, I put the reader's digest version below the video.

With love,

The Porters

Porter Family Update Video - September 2017

What a month it's been !

The highlights :

  • We've completed our first trimester at the school.  I'm so proud of my family for finishing strong !  We've started the 2nd trimester.  Our first week in we were required to make 30 minute presentations in Spanish and had a 1.5 hour written and oral examine on verb conjugations in the past tense (Hallelujah !) 
  • Between the 1st and 2nd trimesters at school, we had some amazing friends visit from IN and spend a super memorable week with us.  I didn't realize how grounding it would feel to be with some of my favorite people on earth.  We also had a quick visit from my parents which was truly rich as well.  Their stay ended up being extended a couple days due to Huricane Harvey: we didn't complain :).  Turns out, it's not as hard to recruit visitors to Costa Rica compared with a small village in Northern Uganda where my brother's family lived for 13 years.....

The developments :

  • We've decided to complete the year-long language course here at ILE.  Our original plan was to cut it short and move to the DR in December, but we're going remain here in school until March.  Why?  Honestly, we were already anxious to be in the DR and felt like language school was a distraction.  But time after time, we're reminded of the importance of communication in the language of the people we hope to serve in DR.  The day after Erin and I started thinking and praying about this decision, our pastor gave a message "The difference is worth the distance".  He drew the analogy of climbing a mountain: the view from 2/3 the way up the mountain is pretty spectacular, but really nothing like the view from the top.  He preached out of Philippines chapter 3 were Paul, in the face of multiple setbacks, changes in plans, and frustrations, pushes forward with grit for the specific purpose that God called him to!  So we're doubling down and preparing for going the distance with Spanish.  

We covet your prayers, and thank you for the beautiful and encouraging ways you've supported us in this time of preparation.

Dios les bendiga,

The Porters


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