Sit, Walk, Run, Fly

Friends and Family –

Can I tell you how humbled and embraced we felt during our visit home?  Erin and I couldn’t believe the deeply warm welcome we received.  Thank you so much for the rich blessing each of you are in our lives.  Seeing many of you was a tangible reminder that we couldn’t be here pursuing this call on our life without you!

There is light at the end of the language acquisition tunnel here in Costa Rica.  It’s certainly taught me and Erin humility in a new way, but not without the fruit of that lesson…   Maybe it’s a cliché overused quote, but Helen Keller said “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”  I can’t honestly put our struggle to learn Spanish in the category of suffering, but God has certainly used the process as a threshing floor to strip my pride and build better character in me.

Thankfully (and finally!), it feels like we’ve reached a stride with Spanish.  We’re not running yet, but at least we’re walking in this new language.  This week I had the privilege of preaching twice; once in English and once in Spanish to our student body and school staff.  Erin is teaching a weekly Bible study in Spanish and then an English class to the same group of Costa Rican housekeepers, so cool!  This has been a great place to foster new skills that I’m convinced will be useful and help us integrate in the DR in a healthy and sustainable way.  

Update on our plans in the DR:

Rod and Nancy recently asked us to direct the 2nd Mile Missions Trade School in Bavaro as we lay the foundation for a small business.  The Trade School is running but has so much more potential for its original purpose of providing the poor and marginalised community in Monte Verde with practical trades.  We plan on leveraging the current curriculum as well as develop new training programs specifically designed to meet the demand of the unique labor market in Bavaro.  We pray that this work will help us develop key relationships and dovetail nicely into the business project.

A day doesn’t pass without a specific moment of gratitude for you.  Thanks for your patience, love, and unconditional support of our family.

Afectuosamente suyo,

Los Porters

Caitlyn and Andres working on "You are my Sunshine"

"Hijo de tigre sale pintado" (Son of the tiger comes out painted)

Erin Teaching in Spanish

I thought my public speaking days were over......

Erin, Elise, and Caitlyn all got pneumonia upon returning to Costa Rica.  Rough couple weeks !

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