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Posted by: Josh Porter 2 years ago

Erin and I want to take the opportunity to send you a quick update on how things are going in the Dominican Republic and with our family specifically amidst all this change!

The government of the Dominican Republic has essentially put everyone on lockdown until April 13th (at least). As in many other countries around the world; all activities outside of the health and security sectors are prohibited, and daily we get new formal announcements detailing what exactly that means.

We are concerned for our friends living in the poor communities like El Hoyo de Friusa and Monte Verde that we work with. Most people in these communities live in a state of day-to-day survival, principally concerned with the day’s meal for themselves and their kids. With this pandemic and it’s measures to prevent it’s spread, those who have jobs have generally been sent home without pay for at least 2-3 weeks, putting them in an even more marginalized and desperate state.

As has always been the case historically, disasters of any type bring opportunity with it: opportunity to serve radically, opportunity for unity, opportunity to love in a new way. I feel like we’re just beginning to see the opportunities, and looking/praying for more in the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks to your care and support for our family, Vida Plena, and 2nd Mile Missions, we’ve already had the opportunity to love the families we work with by providing extra food, and committing to supporting the (now 15!) families of Vida Plena however needed.

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