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Posted by: Josh Porter 2 years ago

At Vida Plena, by God’s grace, we’re running full speed ahead ! But instead of giving you the normal run-down with all the details of Vida Plena happenings, I want to tell you a follow-up story about Fransisca.

If you’ve been with us a while, you know Fransisca.  If not, check out her video story HERE.  She’s now 16 and still the youngest woman learning and working at Vida Plena.  She was baptized in our partner church in November and has had a dynamic spiritual walk with God since then.  She approached me recently with a request to make some flyers for an event she was putting on in her neighborhood, a really rough area called El Hoyo (the hole).  As it turns out, for the last couple months she’s been directing a small Christian ministry to girls ages 7-12 with the objective of developing their God-given talents (mostly dancing and singing), helping them academically, and encouraging scripture memorization.  She invited us to the final session/celebration last weekend.  There’s something deeply redemptive, healing, and beautiful to see her invest in young girls the way she wished someone had invested in her at that age.

Fransisca and her top 3 students !

A friend of Fransisca’s named Vanessa saw what she’s been doing came to the workshop today and asked about how we can partner to create a free dance and crafts program for young boys and girls in El Hoyo as well.  She told me that at 3:00am this morning she poked her head out of her apartment to see dozens of young kids running around chaotically, just getting into trouble.  A typical household in El Hoyo doesn’t have the resources to purchase a computer, internet access, and books required for the 100% virtual school year.  And as you might imagine, this has complicated an already difficult situation.  Vanessa made a commitment to do something and wants to start with teaching dance, singing, and craft classes to kids in El Hollo for free.  She told me “Primero, quiero enseñarlos de Dios, y luego cansarlos para que se vayan a casa y duerman por la noche!”  which translates “First, I want to teach them about God, then I want to tire them out so they go home and sleep at night!”  Stay tuned for the rest of this story….

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